How eyeCADconnect works

eyeCADconnect uniquely connects you, the user, with your scanner. While scanning you become independent of the screen and can focus completely on your patient.

Especially in digital impression an exact image display is an indispensable prerequisite. The outstanding quality of the eyeCADconnect hard- and software now enables this, The user sees the digital impression of the CAD system in real time in brilliant HD resolution in the glasses. Therefore one is able to safely treat the patient, and the completely transparent lenses do not restrict the field of view. The visual field is centered in the large and bright display.

Innovative treatment -  Easy to install

eyeCADconnect is the perfect addition to any Windows based, intraoral scanner. After installation of the eyeCADconnect software on the CAD system the digital impression is displayed in real time on the glasses.

Wireless Security

The glasses and the intraoral scanner transfer the data in their own wireless network.
Because no internet connection is needed the sensitive data remain solemnly in your practice. At the same time the scanned data is transferred in real time so that possible mistakes are minimalized.  

User friendly and practical

Individual adjustment and an additional eyeglass strap allows perfect adaptation to any kind of head shape.  The hardware is easily manageable via the interactive touchpad of the glasses. Prescription lenses can be clipped into the glasses.

Much more to come!

We are happy to announce that you can look forward to our gesture control! And let yourself be surprised how easy it is to work with the navigated surgery.