FAQ eyeCADconnect

What can I do to improve the fit of my glasses?  
Please use the supplied headband, adjust the adjustable nose holder accordingly and insert the supplied silicone strips into the temples.

The glasses do not start:  
Make sure the device is fully charged before using it for the first time.

During installation, a window appears: Program may not be installed correctly.
Ignore this message and continue.

The glasses connect to the router but it can not connect to the scanner.  Important: Please remember to click FIRST in the glasses on the button "Connect" and THEN on your computer.


Make sure both the glasses and your computer are connected via the supplied router.  


When you start the application in the glasses, you will find a so-called IP address in the upper right corner of your field of view. This must be the same number e.g. as the number of the software on your computer. Open the software on your computer and click on the control wheel. The IP address will be displayed. If the IP address does not match the address in the glasses, you need to change them manually in the software and click on "save". Restart the software on your computer and in your glasses.

Installing the router:  
Windows 7: The first time you connect your computer to the router via your Wi-Fi settings, you will usually see a question which security settings to use for this connection. Select "Home Network" and continue with the installation.

Windows10: When you have connected your computer to the router, please go to "Settings" and then "Network and Internet". There, set the slider to "visible" or select "Home Network" there. This may vary depending on your Windows settings ("Modern" or "Classic").

How do I lock the buttons on my glasses' touchpad?  
Press the left button on the side of the touchpad for about 5 seconds. You can unlock in the same way

What should I do if the battery capacity of my glasses goes down too fast?

The fully charged battery should last approximately 3-4 hours in normal operating mode. If you do not use the glasses, switch them to sleep mode (see next point), a battery charge should lasts for a full day

How do I get the the glasses in "sleep mode"?  
Short press on the off/on button of the glasses. In the same way you wake up your glasses again

What should I do if the representation in the glasses "stutters/doesn’t operate in real time"?  
This can be caused by an "overflow" of the cache memory and usually happens only when a connection between glasses and computer has been running for some time. Shut down the glasses and the sofware on the computer and restart them.


This can also be caused by problems in your general Wi-Fi system (for example, a lot of mobile devices logged in, etc.). Please check your WI-FI environment. If this problem persists, contact your IT consultant, who usually knows what to do (for example, selecting other broadcast channels on your router).

What should I do if I see a faulty part of the screen in my glasses?  
Make sure you have the right software for your purpose, especially for intraoral scanners. You will find the correct software for your device on the included USB stick or download it from our homepage www.eyecadconnect.de.

Please familiarize yourself with the manual of your glasses.
Please see also https://www.epson.de/en/viewcon/corporatesite/products/mainunits/faq/8232/20178