Your Patient Takes Centre Stage with eyeCADconnect



Your Patient Takes Centre Stage

eyeCADconnect - The Innovation in Digital Impression
Perfect impressions with your patient in focus
eyeCADconnect is the intelligent software component for smart glasses
THE head-up display for digital dentistry

Why eyeCADconnect?
• Detailed, fully transparent field of view
• Time saving through less monitor control
• Quality improvement with direct impression control in real time
• Improved ergonomic treatment posture
• Very efficient workflow
• Image gain through modern treatment methods

Let your patient take centre stage!
Efficient, innovative and ergonomic - eyeCADconnect

Scan Ablauf

Scan Ablauf

How eyeCADconnect works

eyeCADconnect uniquely connects you, the user, with your scanner. While scanning you become independent of the screen and can focus completely on your patient.

Especially in digital impression an exact image display is an indispensable prerequisite. The outstanding quality of the eyeCADconnect hard- and software now enables this, The user sees the digital impression of the CAD system in real time in brilliant HD resolution in the glasses. Therefore one is able to safely treat the patient, and the completely transparent lenses do not restrict the field of view. The visual field is centered in the large and bright display.


eyeCADconnect is a vital part of daily workflow. Finally I am able to concentrate fully on my patient while scanning.

Luis Baker

As an orthodontist full arch scans are my daily business. With the head-up display eyeCADconnect I am much more precise and save an enormous amount of time.

Andrea Nolan

I do not want to miss eyeCADconnect anymore. Before I started using it I thought of it as another short lived gadget. But after a year of constant use I rely on it 100% in each single scan.

Ahmed Allal